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Becky + Matt

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

What a special wedding. Having experienced Utah’s wedding industry my whole life, I like to think I’ve seen quite a variety of weddings, but it was impressive just how unique this wedding was.

Outdoor weddings are like playing Russian roulette with Mother Nature. With the potential of providing a beauty that no indoor venue can perfectly replicate, you run the risk of nature’s elements. There are multiple factors like rain, wind, extreme cold or heat, or just about any other surprise that Utah can throw at you, that can effect outdoor weddings. (With outdoor weddings, it's always best to have an indoor plan-b location JUST IN CASE the weather doesn't cooperate. Follow our Instagram for more wedding tips and photo inspiration.)

All of this being said, Becky + Matt were lucky to have the most ideal setting. It was warm, but not overwhelmingly hot and the clear night had a magical aura with the combination of the live pop/jazz band, fairytale-like lake, majestic trees, and of course, the phenomenal food.

The venue was called garden park, which is an incredible private venue for select guests.

We were grateful to be able to help lighten the stress of the event. The smiling faces on our staff members faces assisted to the warm mood of the wedding. It was overall a delightful event and we look forward to our next adventure.